That Life II Commentary: Finale

See him sitting there.

In his mind, the Timid Tubby one is alone. He has nothing but his own creations – nobody really cares about him, as much as he wants them too. Fictional worlds are his way of imagining, what if people did…?

“Look at all we’re going through, together!” he’d say, grinning at who may have been his only friend in the world, the Weird Wiry One, who, to his dismay, may not have even liked his story at all. But he had to press on.

But Timid Tubby was wrong – he didn’t need to press on, because he was wrong about being alone. He was actually so much more liked than he realised, not only by Weird Wiry, but also by many people. He’d have real friends and the closest of companions in them. He wouldn’t need his fictional friends anymore.

All truth be told, this dip into fictional personal fantasies gave him an unexpected gift. New styles and perspectives of storytelling and writing, some he’d never considered before now. It had ignited a spark, one that would never be fully extinguished.

Welcome, one and all, to the finale of the That Life Commentary.

Endings are important – they are, by definition, the last impression of a creative work an audience is left with. They need to matter. Some endings move you to tears, like that of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, or piss you off greatly, like that of Haganai. I don’t know which one this will be. But I started this commentary for a bit of fun – I was having a bad time of it (I remember, BREXIT had just happened. That’s a joke of course – Brexit still hasn’t happened) and I needed something to cheer me up. And we’ve kind of come full circle, because just yesterday, America got itself a new president! And already the climate change section of the official website has been removed. Oh, we’re in for a fun few years.

But I don’t believe in despairing. OK, I do actually despair a lot, but never permanently. The alt-right are losing their hipster effect now that they’re actually starting to run things and people realise how empty their words are, and seeing protests and demonstrations going on in both the United States and my own country is truly quite reassuring. How is this relevant to That Life? Well, it’s not really, but I’m going to try and make it as such.

Where did we leave off? Well, Jack and Ryan, who are by this point, close to dominating the story completely with their Foe Yay, have done each other one solid each. Jack saved Ryan from getting run over in the most conspicuous attempted murder I think I’ve ever seen, and Ryan called him an ambulance after his leg got crushed. Let’s get on with it. Chapter Ten: Unravelling.

The first line of this chapter is pretty revealing…

As a frosty January melted into a wet February[…]

Virtually this ENTIRE story has taken place in January, which considering how much the first story seemed to stretch out, is really something. To my memory, I was planning to have this story terminate at the end of the school year, meaning I’d have had several more months left to fill. This story might have ended up being really long…but of course it wasn’t.

[…]the topic for discussion was, of course, the car incident.

Of course, because all we do now is gossip.

“Hey! Did you hear? Jack saved Ryan’s life!”
“OMG! TRUE LOVE AT LAST! Sorry, Carol, Sofia…”

It’s a shame there wasn’t any reference to Whitney attempting to twist this story actually…

“I bet Jack was actually to trying to push him in the path of the driver, and accidentally saved his life instead. If he can assault him with a cricket bat, why shouldn’t a car work just as much?”

At which point Summer would flutter her eyelashes, marvel and her girlfriend’s intelligence, and they go off to…I don’t know, it’s always fast food, so let’s say Subway.

When Sofia had heard, she had managed to get to the hospital in ten minutes flat[…]

Now, I may just be imagining things, but is there an implication there that nobody else bothered to visit? Including family…? Perhaps we had other things on our minds…

IAN: I’d love to visit, but I’m still trying to find more plot points for myself.
CALEB: I’d love to visit, but I’m so suave and magnificent it seems like I’m there anyway.
TOBY: I’d love to visit, but Sean found out that I got Naomi pregnant and he is slowly flaying me alive. If this gets cut short, I’ll see you in A&E myself…

[…]to find Jack lying in a bed with his leg in plaster. 

Now, I won’t claim to be any expert on skeletal traction, but I’m pretty sure such a thing takes quite a bit longer than ten minutes to sort out. I mean, I don’t actually know, I never bothered to research it…

One thing I did know, however, was that traction, is, for the most part, pretty outdated. But I handwave this…

Apparently, this procedure was needed as supposed to pinning the leg, as Jack’s leg was broken in a complicated way.

Pinning it is a thing right…? I’m really glad I’m not a doctor…

Also, complicated was the only way to describe it…I suppose, given it literally went under a car tyre, if definitely qualifies…

“Complicated?” Sofia almost laughed. “You’ve had a-” she swore “-car roll over it!”

See? Sofia agrees with me completely. Well done. Now I can see why we wanted you participating in the elusive blog we’ve mentioned a few times in this story. Although you could have actually cussed, you didn’t need the narrator to do if for you…

The scene finishes pretty much at that point, so I’m assuming they made merry there, given what else we know about Sofia.

The next scene features the rest of us, apparently forgetting most of our current strife and simply complaining about having PE in the wet weather, even though in the last story, wet weather was enough to have our lesson cancelled…? You know what, I can’t be bothered to question the logic anymore. Perhaps we’re doing mud-wrestling.

“You know, I almost envy Jack,” Caleb said.
Queenie laughed.

It’s really not that funny…

C’mon Queenie, I know Caleb is suave, magnificent, sue-ish, contrived and whatever, but seriously, get out more. Obviously Queenie’s fed up of now being more redundant than Ian, so she’s desperate to utilise whatever screentime she can get. Screentime isn’t the right term here, but I can say what I want, it’s my blog.

Caleb has another subject he’d like to broach with Queenie, though.

“Actually, Queenie,” Caleb said, lowering his voice.

Oh, he is going to break up with her as well? Seems to be a trend…

Oh wait…that’s it.

Yeah, we get nothing after that. That’s the last thing I ever wrote of the story (or stories, rather) of That Life. Hmm…that’s a bit anticlimactic, isn’t it? No fire, no explosions, no gun-fighting…interestingly though, the first story did start with a voice coming up the corridor, and this one ends with the mentioning of a voice, so…we’ve kind of come full circle?

Though I know it is a bit of a disappointment. All the terribly amusing angst I wrote in as a 13-year-old, and I just sort of left it there. Like a half-eaten meal. That deserves a sharp slap on the wrist. So, with it finished, should I just wrap up this post?

No. See, there are still interesting points to discuss about this weird series of stories, including revealing what I had in mind for the rest of the characters and it’s conclusion. The best place to start is with an enlightening little notebook I found the other day. I have a lot of notebooks lurking around in my drawers, some of which just have really crude cartoons, others things I considered a little more important. Including some of the earliest stages of planning for That Life. They are terrifically enlightening, showing me planning Ruth, of all people, first out of the entire cast, and a summary of her character basically referencing her love for Ian, but also including elements I had apparently planned to include, but promptly forgot about and never made it into the final cut. Such things include…

  • Whitney and Summer’s surnames were Waverly and Lentfield, respectively, much more interesting than Queenie and Carol’s ‘Scott.’
  • Mr Cork’s first name was apparently James, which is rather dull…
  • Meena’s surname was Macintosh, which is very odd for an American…
  • Charlie’s surname was Chasm…
  • Ruth’s mother was called Oceana (yes, I’m serious) and she was supposed to have an iguana named Bob. He could have been the ultimate hero…

Other information I find as I search through this notebook include things a lot less trivia-based, an are more related to the characters as they are, and their personal histories. In the case of Amber, we pretty much know it all, but get a few more interesting elements, such as an acknowledgement that she was three minutes younger than Nathan, and that she got Yeti for her 11th birthday, two years after Nathan’s death and Tabitha’s departure. Was Terry simply trying to get a suitable replacement…? Well…Yeti did stimulate her…

I’m going to move on from this. Sofia also gets the same treatment I gave Amber (that sounds rather dirty actually…), and, because of her limited development in the story proper, we get some rather interesting information from this notebook – apparently, she’s a fan of science fiction, has a stepmother called Esmé and a half-sister called Opal. Finally! Somebody has a stepmother rather than a stepfather and a sister-figure rather than a brother. Shame we never got to see them…

Other weirder elements include the fact that she had a boyfriend when she was 8 (never a good idea!) and after he broke up with her, she attempted suicide…OK…Her mother also leaves her at this point, which is rather horrible now that I come to think about it…

I was trying to be very mature and write in a depression storyline…shame it didn’t work…

None of these notes actually contained a clear plan of how this sequel was going to pan out, so I’m relying on my memory more than anything here, but basically, here’s what, I think, was going to happen.

I’m pretty sure Caleb was going to tell Queenie he feels like he’s being stalked, and they’ll connect that somehow to people attempting to kill Ryan.
Whitney was going to make a discovery about Nathan and is untimely departure, something that pisses Amber off supremely and provide even more friction. What all this was going to lead to, I’m not sure. I think I would have remembered if it was meant to try and make Whitney more sympathetic…

Aiden, using whatever ingenious plan he had come up with, was going to break out of whatever young-offenders institute he was in to go on a hunt for Kythner himself, only to run into Sean, prompting the two of them to have another one of those intense fights. In my mind, it was always in the rain for some reason…I don’t know whether Aiden ever even bothered to tell Sean of his intentions either…

Amber and Ross were obviously going to start dating at some point, but I honestly can’t remember if I had ever planned when that would be. I seemed to be too focused on the convoluted nature of everyone from Kythner to Aiden to Fraser of all people were trying to out-gambit everyone else…

Sofia was supposed to have a depressive period, corresponding, at least somewhat with the way sufferers of bipolar disorder shift between extremes in mood, that was probably going to be mostly callously dismissed.

All of this comes to a head, however, when Kythner and his cronies (probably including Charlie and of course Caleb’s stepdad at this point) manage to track down our ‘heroes’ and have them all abducted. Yes, all of them. And I’m not just talking about the Mighty Ridiculous Power Rangers here – I remember being distinctly sure that I wanted Whitney and Summer to be with them too, caught in the crossfire, in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is interesting. I think I was planning to have them redeemed somehow, just not focusing on redeemable qualities until they’re in sheer peril.

Of course, abducting fourteen 13-14-year-olds is a rather demanding task, isn’t it? Why just not kill them? But no, I decided to have them all together in a cellar, being threatened for no real reason and bonding…kind of…

They manage to escape (no shit) and I think I was actually considering at one point to have Mr Mothman find them in the middle of the night and let them stay with him for a bit, proving he’s not just a teacher who doesn’t care…even though he clearly doesn’t care…you know what, forget it.

The climax I had in mind featured our heroes breaking into the school for unspecified reasons and Kythner following them for unspecified reasons and there being a massive shoot-out, possibly culminating in the death of some redshirts, and, in at least in one vision of the finale, Russell, who hasn’t done anything in this story so far, shooting Kythner dead, and ending up sharing a cell with his brother who is much more ready to forgive him this time…


Given all the plot threads I needed to close, including Carla and Kythner’s daughter, it probably would have been a lot longer than that. (She probably would have been conveniently fostered/adopted along with Ross, let’s be completely honest.) But that was the basic picture. Clearly I was more willing to have personal confrontations and increase the peril our characters faced, which included the death of an antagonist, by the way. Well, at least I understood the concept of serial escalation. These things are all coming together.

A few points to consider here, are, obviously, me putting Aiden through a redemption arc. I know it doesn’t make any sense in the context of this character, but I do believe, as I mentioned, that I was also planning to do the same to Whitney and Summer. Redeeming antagonists is a long standing habit of me, and honestly, I do quite like it. When it’s done right that is…and Whitney and Summer felt far more like proper candidates, with their petty schoolyard bullying (if you can even call it that), compared to Aiden’s attempted murder and arson.

Now, bear with me a minute, because I’m not sure whether this is something I genuinely considered including at the time, or if it’s something I retroactively told myself I considered, but at the time, it may have occasionally crossed my mind to have Whitney and Summer pair up. It would have made sense certainly – more so than many other couples, and I had never featured LGBT characters in anything I had written before. For how I was then, it would have been pretty progressive. Forget Kurt, you’re supposed to hate him, because he does sport.

If I did consider this back then, it wasn’t something I lingered on, as by that time, I had decided to move on for other things.

So, how should this have ended? Well, I’m going to write out a brief scenario now…

Naomi discovers that she’s pregnant with my child, and we panic because we think it means Sean’s going to kill me. Sean however, has his own problems, struggling with his GCSEs and having many erotic dreams about Alexis. Alexis is getting through her own studies thanks to cannabis, supplied to her via Charlie. Sean gets very upset when he finds out, and takes it out on me, learning that I have impregnated her and I have to go on the run. Jack gets out of hospital and attempts to join me, along with Sofia, leaving Amber mostly alone. Whitney finds out about Nathan, and makes some neutral comment that Amber takes the wrong way, and she nearly kills her, only stopped by Summer, who gives Whitney the kiss of life and they hook up. Charlie, annoyed at having his best customer rumbled, takes it out by joining Kythner and abducting Ryan. A string of abductions follows this (because I can take inspiration from my 13-year-old self, why not?) with Jack and I being discovered God knows where. Upon being imprisoned, Sofia insists she should be pregnant too, and it all gets really awkward really quickly. Let’s keep the shoot out the same, but instead let’s kill off the redundant cast (read Ian and Queenie) and the suave and magnificent, leaving a wound on everyone’s hearts. Everyone leaves the country, it being too painful to continue there, with Naomi giving birth to our daughter, and us hiding from Sean in Canada, Jack and Sofia continuing their very active sex life, also in Canada, Ryan and Carol joining some cult in Japan, Amber and Ross doing something else with Ruth (probably raising iguanas) in Argentina and Whitney and Summer being the only two who haven’t fucked up completely, being happy together and adopting several children, including Carla and Kythner’s daughter. Probably in the Netherlands.

And that’s how this should have ended…

Of course, it’s fun to speculate. But that’s all I can do – speculate. As fun as it has been to go back on this defining chapter in my writing career, and as fun as it may have been to write back then, I can see quite clearly how much I’ve evolved since then. As a writer, I plan more carefully, I conceive much better stories and utilise characters the way they should be used. Point is, I think I’m ready to take on the world. The Timid Tubby one still exists in the darker corners of my mind, but externally, he’s grown up, he’s wised up and if he plays his cards right, he can do anything he wants.

That Life was really the first time I considered the possibilities of me writing a mature narrative, and of course the first time I ever finished a long-ish story. Everything after that, while it certainly wasn’t perfect, echoed these sentiments and I’d never go back to anything crude. But nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed looking back on how hilariously awful it could be at times as much as I did. Thanks for reading.

Next time I post, I’ll be returning to reviews of creative works and discussions of general writing things. Hope you’ll join me there too.


That Life II Commentary: Chapter 9

The difference in the amount of uni work I have compared to a lot of people I know is only just starting to sink in. Mine is practically minimal in comparison, but I only realised after I’ve finished all of it.

And now I’m kind of bored.

So, I though I’d get on with this. With just one more post after this to go, I’m not sure how I feel about this series coming to an end. On the one hand, it’ll be great to blog about some other things, but on the other, it’s still something coming to an end. But this is me assuming anyone actually reads it.

Whatever. This is actually the last complete chapter I ever wrote in the That Life franchise, as chapter 10 I sort of stopped in the middle of. If you remember last time, I was trying to balance too many different storylines, and in this one it gets even worse, with a bit too much focus on some and not enough on others, and with the return of contrived nonsense, I think we’re in for a treat. So, here we go – Chapter Nine: Hit and Run. This time, the title’s actually relevant…

So, we start off with Caleb (THE SUAVE, MAGNIFICENT, AND WHATEVER) heading over to Woodgreen Primary to deal with his abusive stepdad randomly showing up to greet his brother. Now that I think about it, why exactly did the school contact him and not his mother…? She was probably busy looking for fortunes in beer bottles…

But never mind that! Because we’re doing the whole scene cutting thing again! Back to Ian, (the boring and superfluous), who, if you remember, was arrested…for some reason…

Actually, what was the reason given?

Ian was sitting in an interrogation room wondering what was happening. Why had been arrested? Had he been framed or something?

Apparently, no reason was given, thereby making this arrest, by British legal standards, unlawful. You can’t arrest someone without given them a reason, and given that Ian is a minor as well, this is going to raise some serious questions.

Although given that Boris Johnson was Mayor of London at the time this was written, maybe we should have expected it…

A policeman does eventually come in to tell Ian that they have been given information suggesting he’s connected to Seb Kythner. Well…fine, but you don’t need to arrest someone for that kind of information. Just ask. Investigate. What source of information are they acting on anyway…?

The door opened again and Ian’s worst nightmare walked in:
Aiden Gorse, accompanied by Detective Richard Price.

What? You believed Aiden? A guy who has a track record of thuggery, kidnap, arson and just generally being a horrible person? Not to mention being a drug addict, which apparently just means you’re sheer and irredeemably evil? Aiden’s motive seems really odd as well. This is the explanation he gives Ian…

“Yup. After all, you’re Caleb’s best friend right? And he was involved-”
“Shut up!” Ian yelled, not wanting to get Caleb arrested as well.

Oh God…OK…

  1. Calling him Caleb’s best friend is a bit of stretch. Caleb pretty much forgot about him after he buggered off to America – as a matter of fact, everyone except Ruth did…I know everyone wants to be Caleb’s best friend, but it’s a position that’s difficult to hold.
  2. Why didn’t Aiden just give them Caleb’s name?? I actually wrote this in because I wanted Ian to actually do something in this story, but then I had to work the story around it, and, as you can see it really didn’t work. Did the police just refuse to go after Caleb because he’s too suave and magnificent, and doing so would lead to a full-scale revolution?
  3. What is Aiden’s deal? It’s become apparent throughout this story that he has a vendetta against Kythner, which is fair enough, but what good is getting Ian, one of the only people in this story who Kythner ISN’T involved with, arrested, going to do, except make him look far less reliable as an informant?

Well, apparently Aiden has more information to give…

 “And that’s not all,” Aiden continued, his evil grin growing wider. “I’ve heard of her. Trace Temple, constantly getting men to pay her for sleeping-”
“SHUT UP!!!” Ian roared. If anything, he did not need anyone to know that his mother, who he hadn’t seen for at least five years, was a prostitute.

Oh for God’s sake, what is this…?

Suddenly Ian has a mother. Who’s a prostitute. For some reason? And Aiden’s heard of her. Because he slept with her? I can’t even begin to fathom how this is remotely related to anything. Unless of course Kythner slept with her as well as Queenie and Carol’s sister? Again, this was simply put in to add depth to Ian’s character…without actually adding depth. He hasn’t seen his mother for five years, but apparently she paid men to sleep with her. I don’t know why. Ian, forget about it, it’s really not a massive issue.

The police do in fact let Ian go after he tells them what Caleb told him, the treacherous bastard. Well, I’ve got to love a pointless scene…

Going back to Caleb, he tells his stepdad he doesn’t want him crawling back into his family’s life, which is fair enough. The stepdad, of course, so cowed by Caleb’s radiant Sue-ism, immediately leaves. I’d love to have a scene that goes somewhere at some point…it does, however, occur to Caleb how odd it is that the stepdad’s suddenly trying to make amends. Take a wild guess at who he’s connected to, and we’ll come back to it later…

Going back to Ian, it would appear the police have a grudge against him for some reason.

“Don’t think this is the end of it,” the young officer who had arrested Ian told him, as he went to get his possessions that the desk sergeant had confiscated from him.
“We know full well that your mother was a prostitute. We will be looking into that.”

“Yeah, because it’s totally your fault!”

The laws surrounding prostitution in the UK are as follows – the act itself (exchanging sex for money) isn’t illegal, but brothels and such are. However, we don’t get any indication that Ian’s mother was involved in that way, and even if it were, how the hell is it Ian’s fault? Obviously, because of the stigma surrounding prostitution,  he’s going to want to keep it under wraps hence any slut-shaming idiot decides to get truck out of it, but why should this get him into trouble with the law?

“Great,” Ian growled sarcastically. “I’ll just add that to my other heap of problems shall I?”

Oh, it’s a hard life, isn’t it Ian? What problems is he even referring to?

“I’ve got enough on my plate with trying to actually do something in this story, without you probing into my past and giving me loads of angst to work on…! Wait a minute…”

Even he seems to realise what a pointless act it was of Aiden’s to tell the police about him…

Why had Aiden told the police that he was involved with Kythner? It probably hadn’t been so that his sentence would be shortened, now that it was obvious that he had been lying. 
So what?

He does eventually discover that he’s lost his phone, and it wasn’t even among the confiscated items he got back from the desk, and concludes that Aiden stole his phone, and that it was all a rouse to get his hands on it…! Why…?

Well, stealing people’s phones seems to be Aiden’s style, but honestly, I have no idea. I never got as far as to detail more of Aiden beyond this scene, so we never got to see whatever plan he may have had get put into action. I presume he wants to get in contact with Caleb somehow, but wouldn’t any one of his toy boys friends worked? And how exactly did he manage to steal his phone, given he’s an inmate in custody? He can’t just stroll up to the desk and grab it, unless the police are completely useless, which, given what we’ve already seen of them, is more than likely...

We cut to none other than Kythner, who’s interrogating Caleb’s stepfather (yeah, big surprise) about how his interaction with Caleb went down.

“So then what happened?” he asked.
“He yelled at me to get out,” the man replied, swaying slightly with a reek of alcohol about him.
Kythner scowled. So he was still headstrong was he?


Jesus, this fucking story…

Also, did the stepfather really think it was good form to be drunk on this job?

Kythner’s not happy…

He swore loudly, causing Dirk nearby to jump slightly.

I love that. Dirk’s a psychotic drug pusher, perfectly happy to make an allegiance with a murderous sociopath, but swearing? Oh no, that’s a bit too much for him. We’re pushing him to the edge!

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to tail him,” he said, dropping the butt of his crack cigarette and grinding it out with his heel.
“Alright, but what about by payment?”
“You’ll get it after you’ve found out where all of Byker’s friends live, particularly that Head kid. Now get on with it.”

OK – this plan has quite a few problems, most notable of which is the fact that Caleb’s stepdad tailing him is going to be immediately noticeable. Someone whom Caleb doesn’t know (like Dirk or Phil) is going to be a lot less conspicuous. Also, Kythner’s paying him for this…with what? I wouldn’t have thought that someone who’s the target of a manhunt like this would be the most reliable source of income. Maybe he’s selling drugs, but…

So, Kythner wants to know where everyone of Caleb’s friends live…why? I don’t think that a bunch of schoolkids wrapped up in their love lives are a massive threat to you, even if they are being led by Caleb. In the case of Ryan, obviously Dirk and Phil are worried that he’s going to dob Charlie (a friend of their’s) in, but if he hasn’t already, I don’t think he’s going to bother. He’s got more than enough to worry about. And anyway, Jack’s probably going to finish him off for them…

We return to Ian, who’s pleading with the most patronising policeman ever about his missing phone. With absolutely no luck in getting through to him, he promptly leaves, and runs into Fraser.

You might remember Fraser – he was Ruth’s older brother, who was both at uni and training as a paramedic and rescued Amber from the Thames before proceeding to be really creepy with her.

And then he tells Ian he’s working with the CID.


I don’t know how many more contrived subplots I can handle. Nothing about this makes sense.

“I’m not actually at uni,” he explained. “When I said I was…I was actually doing voluntary work for the CID.”

Do you do voluntary work for the CID? I’m fairly sure that a specialised branch of the police doesn’t take chances. Although, given the state of the police force in this story…

“Right…so you didn’t tell Ruth and your mum this because…?”
“Look, do you realise how much crime is happening in this area of London alone?” he asked rhetorically as he put his ID card back into his pocket.
“Seb Kythner. The whole drug marketing thing. They know they’re in danger from us, and if Ruth and mum knew, they would be endangered.”

“But I have no qualms against telling and endangering my sister’s boyfriend.”

Seriously, why did he feel the need to tell Ian about this? Furthermore, whether Ruth and her mother know isn’t going to stop Kythner’s thugs from targeting them if their brother is working with the police. In fact, them not knowing is going to ensure they’re not on guard about the possibility. Fraser, you’re useless.

Over the next few days, everyone seemed to know about Ian’s arrest. It was one of the major discussion topics. Of course, Whitney tried to convince everyone that Ian had been arrested because he had mugged someone, but not many people believed her.

Oh, bless you Whitney.

“He beat up someone with a cricket bat, honest!” I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to believe that, it seems to be contagious among this group…

Here’s an interesting question – how much about Ian’s arrest do they know? Do they know what information had led to the arrest? If the whole thing about Ian’s mother being a prostitute got out, then my respect for Whitney has increased for not actually making a thing about it. Also, not many people believed her – implying that some people did. Is her relationship with Summer back on track? 😀

It had been two weeks since Sofia had joined the school, and she was pretty popular and everyone seemed to like her.

That went slightly tautological near the end, didn’t it?

She was pretty popular, everyone seemed to like her, she was well-liked, she was adored, she was respected, and she was popular. Not to mention everyone liked her.

This had also got Amber out of her shell, and she was socialising with most people too.

Well, that’s good…although a quick search shows me that this is the last time Amber is mentioned in this story…oh dear. She can’t have done that much socialising…

So there it is – the character who’s supposed to be the protagonist is saying her farewell…we’ll miss you, Amber. Given that this goes on to talk about more of Sofia’s interactions, I’m a little worried that the implication is that Amber’s become more isolated than before…but anyway…

One person who had taken to Sofia a lot more than most others was Jack (who still wasn’t talking to Ryan or Carol). He admired her sense of humour and thought pattern – it was one shared by him and Toby. He had even let her take part in their blog.

Oh, I wonder where this is going…?

I don’t know how accurate the comparison of the sense of humour is, given how little of it’s been shown, but given the nature of this mysterious blog, I imagine that it’s sort of accurate…? What’s Sofia going to do? Do impressions of Gollum…?

Of course, Ryan and Carol’s weird relationship is continuing…

One day, after an English lesson, Carol held Ryan back as everybody else filed out.

Time for sex!

She promised Miss Verb to lock the classroom after she and Ryan had left, and the English teacher handed her the keys and left, smiling to herself.

Why do you need to lock the room? Locking rooms is how everyone nearly died in the fire, remember? Also, MISS VERB? SERIOUSLY? I’m getting fed up of this…whilst we’re at it, why not introduce the maths teacher, Mr Numbers, or the History teacher, Mrs Dates? Or the Drama teacher, Miss Unnecessary, because this story is full of unnecessary drama, you see? Or the science teacher, Mr Bunsen Burner. Oh no, wait, the science teacher’s called Mr Rug, if I remember rightly…

Anyway, back to Ryan and Carol.

Now the two of them were alone. Carol turned to face Ryan, wondering how to word this.

I can think of several ways.

“Ryan, you’re a racist twat who’s full of himself and thinks girls are interchangeable. Go fuck yourself.”

Again, I find it interesting that I decided to write this scene from the girl’s perspective…at least to begin with.

“Ryan…I want to thank you for consoling me after…well, what happened.”
“You’re welcome,” Ryan said, but he knew there was more.

Ryan, just because you’re getting a stirring in your pants doesn’t mean she’s feeling the same, OK? Also, if Ryan was the only one who consoled Carol after a break-up, we’re talking about some really shitty friends here…and given that Ryan probably only did it to get in her good books…

Yeah, anyway, the build-up is painful, so I’ll just get to the point: they kiss. The description of the kiss is…weird…but also pretty funny, given what happens at the end…

Their lips met, and all strife left Ryan’s head left instantly. This was absolute bliss. In the world there was only him and Carol. She was all that mattered. It was just her and him.
Well, and Jack of course, who unfortunately chose that moment to walk in.

It’s almost as though Jack can never leave Ryan’s mind. The true romance of the story…?

Jack has forgotten his bag, but, understandably, he has a few mixed emotions about this whole thing. Who’s he even jealous of, in this situation…?

Carol’s naturally worried that wholesale murder is about to occur, but Jack assures her otherwise…

“I’m not going to fight him,” Jack replied, turning away to reach for his bag that was under his desk. “He’s probably still stoned from the drugs that him and his best mate Charlie take.”

The insults these character’s fling at each other are always so much fun…!

Ryan is naturally ready to fling himself at Jack at these words, but Carol holds him back.

Jack paused at the doorway, with his back to them, waiting for Ryan to come and attempt to throttle him. When nothing happened, he walked out.

He was actually WAITING for Ryan to leap upon him…! If that’s not suggestive, I don’t know what is…

So, yeah, Jack is naturally contemplative and having a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Toby noticed these troubled signs instantly.

Ah, look at me, always the supportive friend! :3

Jack tells me what happened, and I am sympathetic, but remind him that he was the one who ended it with Carol in the first place.

Jack gave Toby a look that would have been better suited to Ryan, and stalked off.


I know you’re upset, but you don’t have to be a dick about it. Honestly, I try and be a sympathetic and caring BFF, and you treat me like the one you tried to murder.

Presumably, I promptly ran off to wail into Naomi’s bosom, but as this is actually my last appearance in this story, it’s just as likely that I decided to hang myself.

Of course, given the subtext that is laden throughout Jack and Ryan’s interactions, such a look could have easily implied something else, but I’m not going to get into that now, because I don’t have time.

So, Jack buggers off to contemplate some more, and Sofia approaches him, explaining that I told her (presumably through my tears) what had happened, and she at least has he decency to say that I was right in what I said, and furthermore…

“I think that was a very good choice.”

Well, that’s a bit rude. Poor Carol’s ears must be burning if Sofia’s slagging her off all the time. Sofia has a lot more to say on this matter as well.

“Well,” she said eventually. “If they can…why can’t we?”
And before Jack could do or say anything, she kissed him.

Wow, she’s a fast mover. She’s only been her five minutes. Not to mention really forward! Jack was probably naked and in bed with her before he even realised.

So yeah, this is how I resolved the Jack-Ryan-Carol love triangle, and for all it’s contrived-ness, I’m glad at least that nobody was left single forever. At least I wanted to tie up such loose ends, and given that Sofia’s only role in this story so far had been to be Amber’s friend, I’d say I did relatively OK, given what I had.

But trust me, this is some of the only half-decent stuff in this, because directly following that comes this…

Keith stood up, and glared at Ross with a look of deep dislike.
“So, that’s it is it?” he asked.
Ross nodded, smiling in spite of himself.

Ross has finally let Keith violate him, but the joke’s on Keith – Ross is the most unsatisfying partner ever.

No, I’m joking. Although I have to say, I really don’t know what they were talking about. Apparently, the decency Keith displayed previously had all been a front to get Ross on his side for this particular bomb-shell.

“It’s my dad, innit?” he grinned. “He’s thinking of…what’s the term…?…Re-adopting us.”

There are multiple problems with this. The most obvious of which is simply the fact that a guy who abandoned his children would not then be allowed to ‘re-adopt’ as Keith put it. He’s fighting a losing battle. Fuck it, it’s a LOST battle.

And is Keith really happy to go along with this given that his father was a shit to him too?

Of course, Ross is having none of this and promptly beats Keith up.

“Tell your dad, my answer is no,” he said, and stalked off.

Well, that solved that remarkably quickly.

Oh, but wait…

As he turned away, he could have sworn he saw somebody he knew. He turned back, but it was just a four-year-old girl, watching the fight like many others had.
But she did have a stunning resemblance to Queenie and Carol.
Or was it Seb Kythner?
What was he on about? There was no connection between them.

Yeah, subtlety wasn’t my strong point back then. Yeah, she’s obviously Kythner and Carla’s child. What she’s doing there is anyone’s guess, unless Carla just abandoned her and they couldn’t find any foster mother or whatever…this is all far too convenient, and what’s more, children don’t really look like both their parents at once. At least, not to that degree. Considering I never finished this, she never appears again, so…

We then get a brief scene with Caleb (THE SUAVE ETC), fearing he’s being followed, which is about as subtle as Sofia’s attempts to court people, and then we return ONCE MORE, to Jack.

Jack groaned.
There he was. The idiot. He was walking along the road, chatting into his mobile. Chatting to Carol, no doubt?

Are you EVER going to get over her? I would have thought that Sofia engaging you in coitus would be sufficient, but apparently not. AND HE WAS THE ONE WHO ENDED IT.

So, yeah, Jack’s glaring at Ryan, so what else is new?

Well, Ryan’s crossing the road, and apparently a car’s coming in his direction.

Jack glanced at the driver. He was a thickset, ugly man with a bald head and thick lips.

Judging by his appearance, I’d say he’s an antagonist.

It is in fact Phil, who’s now preparing to take Ryan out. How does he plan to do this? Well, in a way that’s about as subtle as my plot devices.

Normally drivers would slow down when somebody was crossing the road. But this guy was actually speeding up. He was accelerating, his eyes fixed on Ryan, who still hadn’t noticed what was happening, and nor were the few people who were walking along the street.

Well, Ryan’s an idiot then. He shouldn’t be so distracted. And I can tell you from personal experience that crossing the road while on the phone is NOT a good idea. It was fortunate for me that I was only hit by a bike and not a car. And that someone wasn’t trying to assassinate me, of course.

Actually, that makes Ryan particularly unlucky that Phil managed to choose the exact right time to pull off this elaborate and highly conspicuous homicide, which would only have worked if Ryan happened to be crossing the road at the right time and was distracted enough not to notice a car ploughing very fast in his direction.

That’s some seriously bad luck.

Seriously, even if they insist on having to kill Ryan, can’t they do so in a different way? They could abduct him, suffocate him, and leave his body somewhere inconspicuous and even after they find it, they’d never know who did it. But no. They had to rev it up, literally.

Lucky Ryan has his boyfriend knight in shining armour there, really.

Jack had about half a second to make his decision. Even though he hated Ryan more than anybody else in the world, could he really let him be killed?
Of course not.

Well, I dunno. You were perfectly happy to do it yourself back when you were viciously assaulting him with a cricket bat.

Of course, he goes into the road to try and pull him to safety. Ryan makes it onto the pavement, and Jack gets run over and killed.

No, I’m joking, but that probably would have made a more intense story.

The car just runs over his leg and breaks it, and he passes out from the pain. And Ryan?

Ryan put his hands under Jack’s arms and hoisted him onto the pavement. Then he put Jack into the recovery position, and picked up his phone to call an ambulance. As they say, one good turn deserves another.

So, if he hadn’t just saved you, you’d have just left him there? Our hero ladies and gentlemen!

Oh, and Phil conveniently buggers off.

That’s where that chapter ends. As you can see, my grasp on the narrative was slipping considerably. I really had no idea what I was doing. And it’s a shame, because in my writing style and my characterisation, I had made considerable improvement from the original. The fact that I tried to amp it beyond what was needed really was my undoing. The love triangle was fine as it was…sort of…

Anyway, let me know what you think, and join me next time when it all ends…

That Life II Commentary: Chapter 8

Well, Happy New Year to whoever the hell’s reading this…some people, potentially.

I’ve still got a little while to go before going to back to university, which is probably a good thing, given that I’m stressed out of my mind even without it. Technically I should be doing an essay right now, but I am on a break, and I am more on top of it that I like to think. I mean, admittedly, even if the word count’s getting there, it doesn’t mean the content’s any good, but I’ll deal with that as and when.

I’m hoping to make 2017 a pretty decent year, given the circumstances, and so I want to get on with posting other things on here on the off chance that someone might find it interesting, but first I need to finish the commentary on the incomplete sequel to That Life. I shall probably end it (in like, two more chapters…?) with a summary of what sort of distinction this holds in my life and writing career, and then get on with other things, including more general talks about writing and more anime reviews. And maybe reviews of other things. Because I can branch out. W00t.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Chapter Eight: Careless. Interesting thing about the title, I have no idea what it’s referring to within the story, but it does actually make sense on a retroactive, meta level. Up until this point the story has been mostly focused on Seb Kythner casting a ridiculously interconnected shadow over everyone and everyone mostly ignoring it in the exchange for the angst of everyday life. This chapter marks the point at which I was trying to make everything far too convoluted just for the sake of ensuring I used all of my characters and plot points and by God, it shows…

It starts off simple enough – where the last chapter left off.

The news of Jack and Carol’s breakup and then the fight that had issued between Jack and Ryan afterwards spread quickly around the neighbourhood.

So, they all live in the same neighbourhood then? That’s convenient…was Jack then arrested for grievous bodily harm  and a death threat? Of course not! This is the same neighbourhood which decided to ignore child abuse, so…

Oh, and then there’s a brief return of the wacky hijinks…

When Sean had first heard, he hadn’t heard the names and thought it was Toby and Naomi who had broken up, and had given Toby the scare of his life.

Oh, Sean…

OK, time to analyse this…

  1. That is incredibly selective hearing to hear all the details of the incident but not who was involved.
  2. Even if he didn’t hear the names, why is his automatic assumption that is has something to do with me and Naomi? I understand he’s protective of her, but does it not occur to him that given that, I dunno, they live in the same house, he would hear it from her if her boyfriend had dumped her? This is starting to sound like Sean was just making up excuses to come and beat me up.
  3. The whole ‘scare of my life’ is left completely ambiguous, and given that I’ve dealt with wandering through a burning building and facing the prospect of Aiden kidnapping and nearly killing my girlfriend, giving me ‘the scare of my life’ must take some doing. What did Sean do? Turn into Donald Trump? Send me pictures of Mr Mothman and Mr Cork in coitus? Show me photographic evidence of Whitney and Summer being heterosexual?



4. It’s interesting to note, actually, that after doing a quick search I discovered that this is the last appearance Sean makes in this entire story. Obviously its incomplete, but that’s still pretty funny. Maybe he was arrested for doing something unclear to me. Fucking bastard. It was only a matter of time…

So, obviously, being the gossipy hens we are, we discuss this latest development.

“It’s odd y’know,” Caleb remarked to Toby. “The two of them would be, in my opinion, the least likely people to break up. Well, apart from Ian and Ruth of course.”

Caleb, why exactly did you create a ranking system for who’s going to be the most likely couple do break up? That’s a little cold isn’t it?

Secondly, what’s so special about Ian and Ruth? They’ve barely interacted since Ian returned from America. Ruth has spent more time with Amber than with her boyfriend…obviously, I was trying to emphasise the idea of them being soul-mates with the whole star-crossed lovers ideal, but I could have done better…

Thirdly, what’s so special about Jack and Carol? They took ages to get together, and according to my slightly rough calculations, they were only together for just over a month, and Carol spent too much of it angsting about how she wasn’t good enough and Jack spent too much of it flirting with Ryan and making poorly defined blogs with me (I know this is a poorly defined blog, but shut up). They’re not exactly the pinnacle of romance either, are they? If I were to pick a romance that worked the best on this, (barring Whitney and Summer obviously), it would probably be Naomi and I. True, it’s predictably to pick yourself, but given all the shit we’ve gone through and we’re still together, I think that stands amongst the rest of these dreary tales. We’re also very protective of each other (OK, so she’s very protective of me, whatever) and have probably had sex.

By far the most amusing thing about this is how Caleb doesn’t seem to think his own relationship is particularly strong. You’d be forgiven for not remembering that Caleb and Queenie are an item, because they do absolutely nothing together. Caleb, you’re an arsehole. Did you not think that maybe the other redhead was traumatised by the whole ‘my-sister-shagged-a-matricidal-crackhead’ thing? Or did he break up with her too, and was too suave and magnificent for anyone (including her) to notice?

At first I appear a bit concerned over my BFF using a blunt instrument during his fight, but then my priorities get skewed…for some reason…

“This is Ryan we’re talking about,” Caleb reminded him. “The two of them have never been on the best of terms have they?”
“But this is really serious,” Toby mused. “The two of them have never gone as far as to insult each other’s families.”

I doubt that very much. And I would say that family related mud-slinging really pales in comparison to the whole cricket bat thing. Am I alone in that? Well, apparently…

Ryan meanwhile, was sitting in his own house with Carol. Apparently, his mother had been quite angry.

Well, I would be too. But here’s the reason for her anger…

“What has gotten in to you?” she demanded as she examined Ryan’s bruised eye.
“You always told me to defend myself,” Ryan retorted.
“But you weren’t defending, you were attacking,” Olive snapped.

What, and Jack wasn’t?

“How dare you get nearly killed by a cricket bat, that’s really insensitive.”
“I managed to steal his redhead off him though…”

Speaking of which…

It was now blindingly obvious that Ryan was now going to go out with Carol[…]

Sorry, blindingly obvious to whom?? Just because Carol’s now single doesn’t mean she’s going to go out with the first person who flings himself at her, although given the terrible self esteem she’s displayed so far, she might be tempted…I still cannot begin to fathom what positive and desirable traits Ryan has. For the most part, he’s just been a racist, sexist, self-centred, pugnacious, surly and uncompromising little twat. A description that would fit the president-elect too…

I’m serious – as poorly written as most of the other protagonists’ are, they at least have shown some air of decency on occasion. Ryan? Nothing…

[…]and Jack seemed quite moody about this.

Well, you’re the one who broke up with her, you fucking idiot. If you weren’t sure about it, you shouldn’t have said, ‘go run into Ryan’s arms.’

He complained that everyone was sticking up for Ryan and not him, just because Caleb had told him that hitting someone with a cricket bat was pretty ruthless.

That’s one way of putting it, yeah. I would add to that – dangerous, unnecessary, insane…Ryan did attack first, and for a pretty stupid reason, but so fucking what? CRICKET BAT. SERIOUS BRAIN DAMAGE. DEATH.

Eventually, Toby decided to confront Jack about what he was doing.

Don’t I mean done rather than doing? Unless he’s going out nightly to beat up more people with cricket bats…OH AND LOOK AT ME, TRYING TO TALK TO MY BFF EVEN THOUGH HE PROBABLY DOESN’T DESERVE IT.

Disturbingly, Jack doesn’t seem to regret hitting Ryan with a cricket bat in the slightest, and once again, my priorities are a little fucked.

“So…what’s this about insulting each other’s families?” Toby asked, hoping he sounded off-hand.

Oh, give it a rest, will you? Our families don’t even appear in these stories!

Jack seems to regret the whole family insulting thing more that the whole assault thing, which is pretty worrying…

“But the reason everyone’s sticking up for him is because you seem like you’re in the wrong because you hit him with a cricket bat.”
Jack raised his eyebrows.
“Oh yeah?”


I refer to it as a ‘spur of the moment’ thing, under the assumption that Jack didn’t actually mean any severe harm despite his promise to not relent should Ryan ever come back and his lack of remorse…evidently I was very forgiving of my closest friend. I probably wouldn’t have done the same if Jack had been on drugs though.

Oh, and this exchange at the end is pretty funny…

“Right,” Toby said. “I’m going for lunch at KFC.”
“Yeah,” Jack replied. “I’ll go too.”

So, just as Amber and Sofia’s favourite haunt might give them diabetes, ours will cause morbid obesity. Lovely. What is it with Heterosexual Life Partners and junk food…?

Speaking of which, we return to Amber and Sofia now…

“Hey, he looks a bit like Nathan,” Sofia said to Amber when they were in Thornton’s.
“Really?” Amber looked over and gasped. “It’s Ross!”

So, Ross’ resemblance to Nathan is close enough for Sofia to notice it from a distance after Nathan’s been dead for about five years…? I mean…that’s uncanny. Amber’s desire for him does worry me a little…

Oh, and apparently Sofia has no brain to mouth filter and thinks it’s perfectly OK to talk about someone’s beloved late brother so casually when you’re in their company…

Amber and Sofia go over to talk to Ross, and Ross explains that apparently some people at the children’s home he lives at planned, completely spontaneously, to go on a day trip to Tunbridge Wells. How convenient…Ross, laments, however, that Keith had to come as well.

“What’s so bad about him?”
“Well, technically he’s my step-brother. He ruined my entire life.”
“Do you only ask questions, Sofia?”

Of course she does. How else are we going to get a belated backstory? Once again, Sofia seems a little innocently insensitive. Yay! My characters actually have some character traits…

“Basically, my dad died when I was three[…]

What is my obsession with nobody in this story having biological fathers…? My parents separated after I had finished writing this, so it wasn’t daddy issues. This isn’t Disney, 13-year-old me, you can have characters with two parents, it’s fine…

“I didn’t know it at the time, but my stepdad was extremely uncaring. He didn’t really love my mum, or me, or even his own son, but Keith didn’t seem to mind. He seemed to have inherited his dad’s lack of care for anyone except himself. I don’t know who Keith’s mother was. Possibly someone who my stepdad divorced as soon as she had ran out of sex appeal.”

You’re assuming that, though, aren’t you? Based on the fact that your stepdad wasn’t very nice. His first wife could have been the one to divorce him when it occurred to her that he was a shit. What I don’t quite get is how this guy was capable of winning any custody battles, given how awful he was. Maybe Keith’s mother was even worse and decided to abandon her son, or had no choice because she was imprisoned, either for something he had done, or for something Keith’s father framed her for, maybe? And how does one run out of sex appeal, exactly? Obviously, the standards are going to be different for everyone, but I have no idea how old these people are supposed to be. Maybe Keith’s dad’s an ephebophile, and Ross’ mother was teenaged when she fell pregnant?

I’m overthinking this…who’s to say Keith’s mother and father were even married…?

“Anyway, Keith bullied me a lot. Fortunately he could never do it when my mum was around. However, when I was eight, my mum began to see through my stepdad, and eventually she left. I didn’t go with her however. My stepdad wouldn’t let me.”

OK, that’s not how these things work. Like, at all.

Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states quite plainly that a child must not be separated against their parent against their wishes except in cases where it would be against the child’s best interests (in the case of abuse, neglect, etc), which it clearly isn’t. It’s the stepdad that’s abusive, not the mother. Article 12 also states that a child’s wishes must be considered in a given situation and surely Ross would want to go with his mother. If the stepdad is actively keeping Ross in false imprisonment, then she can go to the police. The law would side with her in a heartbeat, her being non-abusive and Ross’ biological mother, and quite rightly. She’d probably even be allowed to adopt Keith, given the situation. But no. Apparently, she made no effort to try and rescue her son from this guy’s clutches, implying she’s just as awful…

Anyway, Ross continues his tale…

But one day, Keith was pestering him. I told him he shouldn’t done, because he had quite a short temper, but he didn’t stop. Not even after he was hit round the head. He disowned us that very same day.”
“He did WHAT?!!?” Amber shrieked.
“Disowned us. He had to go to a children’s home in London, which is where I still live now. I don’t know where my mum is. She could be in Australia for all I know. My only hope now is to get fostered.”

I don’t quite know why Ross doesn’t think taking legal action is a possibility. Does he also not have any other relatives who would take him in?

Also, I don’t think you mean ‘he.’ ‘He’ would have been better off being imprisoned. You can’t just abandon children. This isn’t the 1800s.

So, that’s Ross’ backstory. And by God does it make no sense. To be honest, I think I got to this scene when it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t entirely sure what Ross’ backstory was…so I made up some nonsense. Not only does this make no sense in and off itself, it doesn’t make an awful lot of sense regarding Ross and Keith’s hostile relationship. Surely Keith realised they were in the same boat now? It’s all a bit unclear.

There’s also the implication that Amber and Sofia are the first people he told this. Does he not trust Caleb, (TSAM)?

“Or I could ask Ian if he knows,” he added as an afterthought.
“How would he know?” Amber asked.
“’Cause he’s my mum’s cousin. He may know.”

Well, actually, no, he’s not. Ross was described in the first story as being Ian’s second cousin, meaning Ross’ mother would be his second cousin once removed. They share a pair of great-grandparents, but that means very little. Would you know where you second cousin once removed was if their own child didn’t know? I doubt it…

“You’d better hope Whitney doesn’t hear of this,” Sofia said.

Is that the only sympathy you have to offer, Sofia?

Ross snorted.
“What do you take me for? Of course I’m not going to let her know! She’ll twist it into some tale that will never enable me to show my face again.”

How, exactly? Ross somehow deserved to have his universal rights ignored? I fail to see how this could be twisted, except for being so beyond recognition you might as well have just made it up to begin with.

Amber’s reaction is pretty funny too…

Amber sat quite still for a moment before standing up and saying,
“Well, I’ll see you on Monday.” Then she walked out.


Is she really happy to leave Ross and Sofia there to flirt…? They already have more chemistry than Ross and Amber. I know that’s not saying much, but…

So, on Monday, things are a little different. Jack isn’t talking to Ryan or Carol at all, content with glaring at Ryan and awkwardly looking away from Carol whenever they make eye contact.

But as Ian, always the optimist, said that this was perfectly normal for newly broken-up exes, and they would be on normal speaking terms again soon.

And you know that, Ian, because you’ve broken up with so many people? Aren’t you and Ruth meant to be soul-mates or something…? Also, really, what counts as normal speaking terms for these two? Before they got together, Carol spent most of her time ignoring him and Jack spent most of his time getting into contrived cock fights.

What’s most interesting about this is the way I wrote Jack and Ryan’s behaviour. Whilst Jack glares at Ryan a lot, Ryan behaves as thought Jack’s not there at all. Why I chose to make this distinction is unclear, particularly with Ryan being the stoic one, but I don’t have time to divulge in it…

But of course, Sofia has recently transferred to Hyde Park Comprehensive, and the affect this has on Amber is immediate.

In her normal arrival, she would be not talking to anyone unless they engaged her in conversation and a dark unsmiling expression on her face. This time, she was chatting and laughing animatedly to a girl who nobody but Ross recognised.

This was very true of me back in the day, actually. Surly and unassuming to anyone except my best friend, and which point I showed a whole new side. Yes, I’m writing from experience again, most writers do it. It’s a beginner’s way of giving a character depth.

They two of them sat down at the back completely ignoring everyone else.

Love it.

“Fuck you and your love triangles and cricket bat assaults! We’ve got a book to discuss!”

They are in fact discussing a book…

The two of them seemed completely unaware that most eyes in the form-room were on them. Eventually, Whitney got fed up of this and marched over.

“My God! Amber actually has a friend! What is this madness?”

Whitney seems very interested in the new arrival also. Is she still trying to hook up with as many girls as she can…? How does Summer feel about this…?

“Who’s this bi-?”
Before she could finish her sentence, she was on the floor having been just been hit by Amber.

OK, so that was obviously going to be ‘bitch,’ but…Jesus, Amber, calm down…

What I quite like about that though is that Amber was much quicker to strike out when Whitney was insulting her friend, rather than herself. Don’t know if it’s deliberate, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

So, Whitney’s on the floor! Is her girlfriend going to defend her honour??

Fortunately for her, Summer didn’t see her, as she was glaring at Carol for being on such good terms with Ryan.




Of course, if Summer actually had a thing for Ryan, she would have viciously attacked Carol. She’s obviously just pissed that Ryan isn’t as easy a target anymore to get information out of.

Yeah, that’s it…

Sofia is as helpful as ever.

“So that’s Whitney?” Sofia asked Amber.
“Yeah,” Amber growled, cracking her knuckles.
“Wow. She’s nicer than I expected,” Sofia remarked.

God bless you, Sofia.

Then we get a completely pointless scene, which I literally put in on the fly. No wonder I lost control of the story.

At Woodgreen Primary, the school Caleb’s brother Kent, attends, he’s called out of a lesson to meet with none other than his stepdad. Yes, the abusive one, who is apparently out of prison now, and says that he wants to make amends. Kent, unsurprisingly, isn’t having any of this, and a teacher has to take him somewhere to calm down. Well, great…

We don’t need more of Caleb’s suave and magnificent family, OK? Amber’s meant to be the protagonist, and Caleb has already swallowed half of the story. At this point, there are too many subplots as it is. Most of them are romantic, yes, but…

This scene is only good for two things. Firstly, the head of Woodgreen is called Mr Gold, which is fantastic, and judging from his brief appearance, he’d make a much better head than Ealing. And then there’s this:

In his year 4 class, Kent was playing up as usual, acting like Winston Churchill on steroids, having just kicked over a chair in his haste.

Just go with it.

Fortunately, everyone but Whitney and Summer had taken to Sofia. Now they were all walking home discussing stuff that teenagers discussed.

That’s a pretty broad category, isn’t it?

“Did you see the match last night?”
“No, because we’re supposed to hate sports…”
“Oh yeah. Apart from cricket. Although I prefer to hit people with my bat.”

Caleb gets a phone call from Woodgreen telling him of what happened, so he quickly scarpers to be suave and magnificent elsewhere.

Eventually, they all went their separate ways and Ian thought he heard the sound of himself being followed.

“Ian, I’m here to assassinate you, because you are superfluous to the story.”

No, I’m joking. I really wish it was true though. It would be so much more straightforward.

It’s actually a policeman. Who then arrests him. I’m not even joking. Why? Well, all will be revealed in the next chapter…sort of…

I remember consciously making this decision because I knew Ian wasn’t doing anything. Here was my attempt to make him a more useful character. Obviously, it doesn’t work like that, you can’t just include a random subplot for the sake of it. I had too many characters in this to begin with and was trying to phone in too much plot. This was the beginning of the end for this story, for obvious reasons…

Let me know what you think, and I’ll post the next commentary…at some point…